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Feed Bins

Feed bins offer farmers and ranchers a safe, dry area to store their livestock's feed. Feed bins protect feed from the sun, rain or any other damaging weather. The corrugation of our feed bins reduce the resistance of the downward flow of the feed. The corrugation also reduces feed hang-up and bridging, creating a smoother flow of feed. Our feed bins are constructed with galvanized corrugated metal which prevents rusting and corrosion due to inclement weather.

The bulk feed bins come in a six foot diameter, seven foot diameter or a nine foot diameter and can have up to seven sections that measure 32 inches per section. We also offer optional side ladders, slide valves and augers to help manage the feed in your feed bin.

For those with small feed requirements we offer the Mini Feed Bins. Standing only 8 feet tall, the 40 bushel mini feed bin is small enough to fit in your garage and is perfect for small hobby farms. The Mini Feed Bin is ideal for storing corn for the increasingly popular corn burning stoves.