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Cattle Squeeze Chutes

Keeping your animal secure while its in the cattle chute is important for it's safety and yours. That's why we offer high quality, heavy duty cattle chutes that is designed with you and the animals safety as a top priority. We carry cattle chutes designed for small herds to large herds. We offer cattle chutes with manual head gates and self-catching head gates. The traditional style of squeeze chute requires you to manually compress the squeeze chute with a long handle. Although good for small herds or single animals, it would be very tiring if used for large herds. For large herds we offer hydraulic cattle chutes. Hydraulic squeeze chutes use the power of hydraulic cylinders to compress the cattle chute. Along with a self-catching head gate, the hydraulic squeeze chute cuts down the amount of time the animal is in the cattle chute. Which reduces the stress of the animal and the fatigue of the worker. We have cattle chutes that will fit in your budget and last for years. carries the full line of Sioux Steel and Powder River cattle chutes.

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